Oops I did it again...Card art take two

I played with your heart...  (you'll be singing that all day now ;)

I have never been one for decorating for Valentine's Day, in fact the day itself isn't that big of a deal to me.  My mom however is a HUGE holiday decorator, and sends me some sort of small gift every year.  Those LIVE LOVE LAUGH mini vases were a Valentine's gift from her last year, and these beaded heart coasters came from her as well (still trying to decide what to do with those, stay tuned).  When my sweet hubby brought me some hot pink roses this weekend I decided that they needed the company of some hot pink Valentines Decor.  So stealing a page out of my Christmas Card Art I took a cute Valentine's card that I had given to the Mr. a few years back and framed it. 


 (because I care what people think, cheesy candle or no candle?)

 (why do I point things out?  please excuse the toys in the baskets, I am usually better about hiding them from view!)

Pink is not a color I have ever decorated with, but I love the fun pop of color that this adds to our home!



  1. I love it! You're right, it's a fun pop of color to accessorize with!

  2. I make art out of cards too! Old christmas cards are one of my fav decor elements bc they are sentimental and fo fureeee! =)

    This is the cutest Vday Card i've seen yet!!! <3

  3. Pink is also not a color that I have ever decorated with... well I take that back. When I was a teenager my room was pink, lol. But as far as adulthood... no pink. That framed art however it totally cute and I could so go with something like that. Very fun and creative! :)

  4. Oh my goodness that is the cutest! Now I no longer want to bring out me tacky heart lights lol!


  5. i think it is such a fun touch for the holidays! So funny that you point out the toys, my husband always knows which room i have been photographing by how perfect everything looks!

  6. I like the candle! It may be a littly cheesy but it's also super cute and completes the valentine's day decor.

  7. Kendra, thanks for stopping by yesterday and your sweet compliment! I love finding new blogs and yours is great! What a creative idea to frame a card and I love the quatrefoil detail on your wallpaper!! I'm your newest follower!

  8. The candle holder with candy hearts on it is so cute. Nice idea.


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