Christmas Card Art

One of my friends sends me beautiful handmade Christmas cards each year.  Last year I packed away the card with all of my Christmas decorations knowing that I had to find something to do with it this Christmas season.  It really is a piece of art, so I decided to frame it as such.  Not only is this a no cost project, it holds special meaning to me since it was given to me by a great friend.

I borrowed a frame from my office, and some scrapbook paper I had laying around.  I probably would have gotten a different paper if I was at Hobby Lobby, but this is what I had.  Best of all this cost me nothing, and I didn't have to put on makeup, do my hair and bundle up the baby.

After I cut the scrapbook paper to size I realized that I liked the back side of it better with this particular card.

...and her she is!  I think it turned out great, and I love having things of importance to me out around the holidays.

Once I get feeling better, caught the bug from the little man, I'll post the rest of my decorations.  I.heart.Christmas!!



  1. Wow!! That sure is adorable. I can't believe she made each other those! How fun. You're right...a great piece of art!

  2. That's great. So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Love the bowl of ornaments as well!

  3. I love those kinds of art using words- great idea to frame it! Hope you and your little guy are feeling better soon!

  4. That card is so cute!!!! I love!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  5. Super cute!
    Feel better soon!


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