In Case You Were Wondering...

 This is what I was up to this weekend.  Some of you guessed it, and I really confused others of you, but I was fixing up a Goodwill tray.  Last week I dropped off some stuff at Goodwill, and you know I couldn't pass up going inside and seeing what they had!  Here is my $2 purchase...

Mini Tutorial:

 1.  Prep work - sand, clean, prime and base coat 2. tape off area for accent color  
3. touch up  4. clear glaze coating  5. wait proper dry time (I forgot this last step, and had to go back to start)

I really wanted to add some more color into this room, but mainly I needed a home for my coasters besides in a drawer now that they look so darn pretty!  I think the tray really adds a pop of color and ties in well with the tin art we have on our mantel. 

 For those of you wondering if we had a living room... we do!  I'm sorry I have never posted pictures of this room before, but I couldn't figure out a good way of photographing it without showing you all of the padding around our hearth ;)  Our fireplace is monstrous, and trying to photograph around it is no easy task.  So in light of keeping it real I choose little mans noggin over pretty pictures.

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  1. Love it! The color is gorgeous.

    P.S. that little vase is super cute :)

  2. Its darling! I love the color you chose! I went thrifting this weekend with P but we didn't find anything cool/cheapo enough to make over and I was super sad.. BUT i'm happy you got to make something fantabulous out of a little 2$ tray! love it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I would NOT have noticed the padding if you didn't point it out! lol

    The tray looks great! I was totally off!

  4. really cute! i love the color you chose too.
    We had the same padding when ours were little. :) Peace of mind is waaay better than a picture.

  5. Oh, I just love it! Great color. We are no strangers to the padding, gates, etc!!! darling tray my friend. And I really like your coasters , too.

  6. Oh you are so clever!! I totally love this - the colour is beautiful and the design is so stylish. You are one clever lady!
    Rachie xo

  7. Love the Tray and that shade of blue is just delicious!

  8. so cute!! love the colors!! :-)

  9. I absolutely love the colors you used! It's gorgeous.

  10. Love it girl! Such a great makeover!


  11. I love the colors. Really cute

  12. Great job! I would have seen that tray at Goodwill and never would have thought to do that!

  13. I really love this... thanks for the tutorial. Always helpful. your living room looks so comfy.... :)

  14. That is one amazing after! Perfect color choices.

  15. The tray is amazing... And guess what? I had identical padding on my fireplace hearth! Hahaha! We must be trendsetters.

  16. i love what you did with this, kendra! the colors are awesome, too!

  17. Not only is the tray great, but so is the entire vignette....

    Take care,

  18. Very cute!! I just discovered my local goodwill and blogged about my purchases too! I'll soon blog about how I'm going to use them. I love the colors on the tray, you'd never know it was from goodwill, and $2.00!!

  19. I love cute trays! The color you used is great.

  20. This is great! It looks so perfect with your room.
    It's amazing what one can find at GW!
    Thanks for sharing and for joining my blog today!


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