Happy Halloween!

cutest. lion. ever!


Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! 

This bedroom screams cozy to me!  It is the coldest day we have had since last winter, and this bedroom is calling for me to curl up with a book and some hot coffee!

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Stenciled Entry Revealed

So I finally finished my stencil project that I mentioned in my earlier posts here and here.  It is a good thing that I am a pretty self motivating person, otherwise this project would NEVER have gotten done.  I had been debating about whether I should go with a lighter color like I was leaning towards or darker for the accent color.  I had the lighter color in the garage, convenient, took it as a sign and went for it!

First step is to take out the level and mark your starting point in the top middle of the wall.  Line up the triangle doody dadelys with your level line and use painters tape to hold the stencil in place.

Before painting mark all of the triangle doody dadelys hardest part for me to remember, then take a stencil brush dip it into your paint and dab it on a wad of paper towels.  Hold down the stencil in the area you are painting to make sure the paint doesn't get under the stencil.  Then move the stencil to the next position by matching up two of the triangle doody dadelys.  And repeat until wall is done (or in my case hating it, knowing I would always hate it, painting over it, buying the darker color, and starting over!

Remember how my entry looked before?

Now it looks like this :)

Eventually I will get new furniture for this space, but for now this project cost me a whopping $10.  I am considering painting the front doors black, what do you think?


The Color Purple

It seems like purple is showing up everywhere, looks like there is a new design trend on the horizon.  It is not a color that I would necessarily paint a wall in, but I have seen SOOO many spaces that have done it well that I think it will be showing up more and more.  

Stacey Smithers. Tracy Shumate Photography

McGill Design Group
Who knows, down the road I may decide I just HA-VE to have purple ;)



I am trying to find a little inspiration to finish the stenciling of the wall in my entry way, and this photos are definitely inspiring me!


Where the Modern Family Lives

ABC's Modern Family has to be one of my favorite TV shows.  It stereotypes modern families in a way most of us can relate to, and laugh about.  However, I have to admit I also L  O  V  E   love this show because of the great set designs by Production Designer Richard Berg who was recently interviewed by LA Times.  Why I find television shows more inspirational for design than product websites is the accumulated feel from not having everything come from one source.

 My favorite has to be the Dunphy home.  Some might say it is "Pottery Barn" or "Catalog", but I call it classic and comfy.

 "We couldn't do a show called 'Modern Family' if we didn't see the kitchen as part of the dining and family room in one flowing space." series creator Steve Levitan says. 

The stairway is in every shot of Claire and Phil being "interviewed", and stands out with the serene blue walls and the perfectly hung photographs.

This is a great shot of the dining room and kitchen, but if you notice the chairs are different from the ones you can see from the shot of the family room.  I much prefer the others to these, the rug is different too.


Vintage Cookware

 I FINALLY remembered to pick up my Great Grandma's cast iron cookware!  I am soooo excited to start using it.  The only problem is that it has been in Mom's crawlspace for at least 10 years.  They have rust and crud (that's a technical term) all over them and need to be cleaned.

First I wiped them down with a dry towel to get the dust and cobwebs off.  Next I heated the pan up to medium heat with a generous amount of oil until the cast iron was hot to the touch.  At that point I turned off the heat and added enough salt to the oil to create a paste.  I scrubbed the pans with a wad of paper towels until they were clean and then rinsed them with hot water and soap.  Immediately after I dried them down with a dish cloth so they wouldn't rust.

(Sorry about the blurry picture, I think I had smoke inhalation)

 I think that they are still seasoned pretty well, but I gave them a little rub with canola oil and put them in in the oven for an hour at 500 degrees.  Turns  out my smoke detector that goes off at the slightest bit of heat doesn't go off when the house is full of smoke.  Looks like I am going to have get a better SMOKE detector!

Ahh, there is something so nostalgic about cooking with cast iron.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


The Changing Colors of Fall

We just got back from vacation in Colorado where there was a lack of modern technology happening.  To be honest I really didn't mind it as we were out enjoying mother nature and family (however, I can't wait to catch up to what I've missed on my favorite blogs).  Hopefully I can make it up to you by sharing some great pictures that I took while driving through the mountains in Estes Park and taking in the changing colors. 


Growing up we would spend countless weekends at my Great Grandma's cabin in Estes.  We would make a trip to The Taffy Shop that first day to stock up on the best salt water taffy.  You can still watch the taffy being made in the shop window.

This is the Stanley Hotel where the movie The Shining was filmed.  I might have to figure out how to work this one into the house before Halloween ;)

Here is one with the aspen trees changing color.

We stayed with my in-laws who live on a few acres of land and I couldn't help but take some photos of their place.  It was such a relaxing trip, and hopefully I get to see some leaves changing colors here at home soon!

The rare photo of the hubby and I since one of us is usually behind the lens.  Have a great rest of your weekend, I will be unpacking ;)

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