Where the Modern Family Lives

ABC's Modern Family has to be one of my favorite TV shows.  It stereotypes modern families in a way most of us can relate to, and laugh about.  However, I have to admit I also L  O  V  E   love this show because of the great set designs by Production Designer Richard Berg who was recently interviewed by LA Times.  Why I find television shows more inspirational for design than product websites is the accumulated feel from not having everything come from one source.

 My favorite has to be the Dunphy home.  Some might say it is "Pottery Barn" or "Catalog", but I call it classic and comfy.

 "We couldn't do a show called 'Modern Family' if we didn't see the kitchen as part of the dining and family room in one flowing space." series creator Steve Levitan says. 

The stairway is in every shot of Claire and Phil being "interviewed", and stands out with the serene blue walls and the perfectly hung photographs.

This is a great shot of the dining room and kitchen, but if you notice the chairs are different from the ones you can see from the shot of the family room.  I much prefer the others to these, the rug is different too.


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  1. So funny! Every time we watch the show I tell my husband how much I love their house and LOVE the blue you see when they sit on the couch. That show is priceless. Thanks for sharing.


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