The Changing Colors of Fall

We just got back from vacation in Colorado where there was a lack of modern technology happening.  To be honest I really didn't mind it as we were out enjoying mother nature and family (however, I can't wait to catch up to what I've missed on my favorite blogs).  Hopefully I can make it up to you by sharing some great pictures that I took while driving through the mountains in Estes Park and taking in the changing colors. 


Growing up we would spend countless weekends at my Great Grandma's cabin in Estes.  We would make a trip to The Taffy Shop that first day to stock up on the best salt water taffy.  You can still watch the taffy being made in the shop window.

This is the Stanley Hotel where the movie The Shining was filmed.  I might have to figure out how to work this one into the house before Halloween ;)

Here is one with the aspen trees changing color.

We stayed with my in-laws who live on a few acres of land and I couldn't help but take some photos of their place.  It was such a relaxing trip, and hopefully I get to see some leaves changing colors here at home soon!

The rare photo of the hubby and I since one of us is usually behind the lens.  Have a great rest of your weekend, I will be unpacking ;)



  1. What a nice getaway. I love the pictures with all of the fall pictures. We are deprived of most of that so I like to swoon over photos. Welcome back!

  2. Thanks Courtney, we don't get much of that here either so it is so nice to get away and enjoy the fall weather!


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