I'm a little bit crazy (nothing new here), but I like to clean before I go on a trip.  It just doesn't seem right to come home from vacation and have to clean up, or be greeted by an AWFUL smell.  This is totally morbid I know, but I also have this fear that something might happen to us and then someone would have to come into our home and there would be dirty laundry on the floor.  However, it does seem counter productive given the mess that packing can create and that I will have to do laundry when we get home anyway. 
...and instead of doing that cleaning I am online doing anything but getting ready to leave.  Here's what I'm doing instead.

 I also have an off centered fireplace, and am trying to find inspiration to help me make the most of it.  What do you think?



  1. Wow! That wall and fire place is amazing. Once I get my jaw off the floor I will try to think of an idea. I am the same way with cleaning before a trip. Drives my husband crazy, but I love coming home to a perfectly clean house.

  2. I'm the same way about cleaning- love to come home to a clean house:) And is that your fireplace above- I love it! Where is the mirror from?


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