I've Got That Fall Feeling

I LOVE Fall, everything about it.  I think it evokes this sense of family for me, the beginning of the holiday season and sitting with your loved ones around a warm fire.  The first Thanksgiving that we lived in Dallas I wanted a fire so bad and it was about 75 degrees outside.  My parents were visiting and my Dad went to the store and got firewood, but we had to have all of the windows open to let the hot air escape.  

This year I finally had an excuse to drag my husband to the pumpkin patch (YAY for babies!).  Now we'll see if we can do the same for Christmas.

Anytime of year I like to drive around different neighborhoods and get inspiration.  This time of year is one of my favorites, you can find me driving 10 mph just starring at peoples front porches. 

The wreath is made out of small pumpkins!

This room doesn't necessarily scream fall, but the colors and the overall feel of the room are autumnal to me (and I just love it).

I just love the art work.  The top shelf says "trick" while the bottom shelf says "treat".  What a great and cost effective idea!

 How about this idea for Halloween entertaining? 
......and because he is so darn cute, I'll leave you with another photo of my pride and joy!



  1. Your little red head is too cute out there in the pumpkin patch.
    I love checking out porches too.

  2. I ADORE the pic of the pumpkin as a cooler!!! What a spectacular idea! I found my way over here from Honey We're Home...and just in time. I might have to put that pic of inspiration to good use. I would love to have hard cider bottles crammed into an iced pumpkin. I also heart the porches. :)


  3. @Sixty-Fifth Avenue - Thanks, I love my little red head and he looks so darn cute in all the Halloween colors! Glad to know I'm not the only house stalker ;)

    @Megan - I'm so glad that you found me...and that pumpkin cooler. I can't wait to use that idea either and what a great idea to cram it with hard cider bottles!


  4. Thanks for the great inspiration photos! And your pumpkin could not be cuter. One of my favorite parts of fall is the pictures of little ones at the pumpkin patch. And the pumpkin with the drinks in it . . . think I need to do that!!

  5. Your baby is so cute with those pumpkins! And how about that pumpkin as a beverage cooler?! Awesome pics.


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