Get Ready for Baby

Okay, so I already have my baby toddler.  Gulp, BIG gulp and a little tear.  I just had to post his room because it is the only room in the house that is absolutely, completely, without a doubt done!  (I lie, I really should have added drapes).  When we moved in there were really old shutters mounted outside the frame and closet doors that wouldn't stay up.  Embarrassingly enough the room was in this state until we found out we were expecting and had to get our butts in gear.

Here are the new blinds that I got at Home Depot and cut down to size.

I wanted a nice upholstered glider, but I was 8 months pregnant 
and my husband won the battle after about 3 hours of debating in the store.

 We opted for these floating shelves from Ikea instead of your standard bookcase.

This is the picture in the white frame on the shelf.  I think it is my favorite picture, I adore my boys!

I didn't want anything too pastel and babyish so we went with a vintage baseball theme (I usually hate themes, but this is toned down).  I love the way it turned out, even over one year later.



  1. Love the stripes! Did you do them or is it a stick on?

  2. I did them by hand, took me WAY too long and was eight months pregnant!

  3. This is beautiful!

    And I've pretty much named my 18 week old fetus Caleb. :)

  4. It is a GREAT name, and Congratulations!! We have been thinking that if we have another boy we will name him Joshua so that they can be comrades like in the Bible

  5. Who makes that bedding?! Or where did you get it... brand name? I love it and am looking for something not so cutesy like you said. Cute nursery!


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