Stenciled Entry Revealed

So I finally finished my stencil project that I mentioned in my earlier posts here and here.  It is a good thing that I am a pretty self motivating person, otherwise this project would NEVER have gotten done.  I had been debating about whether I should go with a lighter color like I was leaning towards or darker for the accent color.  I had the lighter color in the garage, convenient, took it as a sign and went for it!

First step is to take out the level and mark your starting point in the top middle of the wall.  Line up the triangle doody dadelys with your level line and use painters tape to hold the stencil in place.

Before painting mark all of the triangle doody dadelys hardest part for me to remember, then take a stencil brush dip it into your paint and dab it on a wad of paper towels.  Hold down the stencil in the area you are painting to make sure the paint doesn't get under the stencil.  Then move the stencil to the next position by matching up two of the triangle doody dadelys.  And repeat until wall is done (or in my case hating it, knowing I would always hate it, painting over it, buying the darker color, and starting over!

Remember how my entry looked before?

Now it looks like this :)

Eventually I will get new furniture for this space, but for now this project cost me a whopping $10.  I am considering painting the front doors black, what do you think?



  1. Wow, Kendra! It looks fantastic. I am so scared to take on a stencil project {which isn't normally like me}. I think I just need to jump in because those results are fantastic!

  2. Thanks Courtney, I really like the way it turned out too. It was easier and cheaper than wallpaper, but I don't think I'll be doing it again for awhile.

  3.!!!! What a fantastic job! I can't believe you had to repaint- what a pain! Is that the stencil from Hobby Lobby? I think it came out soooo good! How long did it take you to do the entire wall?

  4. Thanks Megan!! Yes I got that stencil from Hobby Lobby (it was 40% off and I decided it was a sign to go for it). I took me quite awhile to do the whole wall, as I had to redo it. It took me about 3 days to do it during the babies naps (not including the first time)

  5. ooh, I love it! LOVE the texture it adds. I wish I had the patience to do something like that but I know I don't!

    I think the black doors are a great idea!

  6. Yeah, I know that I should paint them black. I've been thinking about doing it for months, but I have to admit that I'm scared

  7. This looks amazing, I'm impressed! The pattern adds so much to the wall and the entry! Janell


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