Weekend Spruce Up - Garden

While the rest of the country is buried under snow, we're jumping into spring with temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's.  What this means for my weekend is that I can start back up my exterior house painting and work on preparing for our spring garden.  You may remember that I got the back of the house done before Thanksgiving, and since then it has been at a stand still. 

Our yard is divided into three sections.  The front yard, the backyard and the side yard.  This is because our garage is located and the back of the house, and technically breaks up our backyard space.  The side yard has been neglected for the entire three years that we have been in the house.  
 {this area will be the vegetable garden}
{future outdoor living or dining}

I told you it was neglected!  Excluding that fire pit, we don't even have chairs to sit and enjoy it :)  This weekend we will be starting the old but new to this side of the house fencing project.  The goal is to divide this space into a vegetable garden at the back and an outdoor living space to the front which happens to be just outside our kitchen.   Be prepared to hear about this project for a.very.long.time as we don't really know anything about gardening or landscaping, so if you have any tips or advice we'd love to hear them!

I don't want to keep your eyes burning with that ugliness, so let me leave you with some photos that I hope my garden will someday resemble!
modern landscape design by san francisco landscape architect Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture
Wouldn't these be a great way to do the tomatoes and pepper plants!



  1. Oh man! We are buried in SNOW!!! I can't take it anymore. The pictures are inspiring tho and have me thinking spring already!

  2. Beautiful! I want a pergola BADLY! But it will have to wait until the house is finished!

  3. i'm so jealous, i'm so sick of the snow!! i'm loving the first two photos!! :-)

  4. I'm right there with ya! It's in the upper 60's today down here in *sunny* Florida :)

    Im thinking this weekend we might start working a bit outside. Get the yard ready for Spring!

    Loving the inspiration photos. Loving the second photo with the built in outdoor - 'kitchen'. So dreamy!

  5. Ah what beautiful pictures! I love the outdoor kitchens. And fun post-- we don't get a lot of posts on outdoor spaces much! xo happy weekend, Kendra!

  6. ok so once your dream garden is done.... come help me with mine? kthx! <3

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  7. Enjoy the outdoor time... I'm so happy we're getting good weather this weekend!

  8. i love all your inspiration pics - we have very similar taste! Cant wait to see what happens with the garden - we so need to do ours this spring too!
    Rachie xo

  9. Your inspiration pictures are amazing. I am so lost when it comes to gardening!

  10. So glad that we found each other! LOVE your backyard inspirations! :) I can just imagine how many nights y'all will spend by that fire pit and how many days working in the veggie garden! :)



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