My Productive Weekend

We worked on the side yard all day Saturday and part of Sunday, and would you believe me if I told you it looks like we did absolutely nothing?! We set the posts for the fence that will be towards the front of the house and built all of the fence panels and gate. However, because the posts have to set in the concrete we weren't able to get the panels onto the posts this weekend. Hopefully they'll be able to just be placed up quickly next weekend and we can work on the fence at the back of the house :)

While we wait for concrete to dry (and any other down time that I have) I was browsing Houzz. I got their app last month, and I am WAY more addicted than I was before! While browsing around I came across this family room that I haven't taken my eyes off this whole week.

Isn't it so warm and inviting?! I puffy heart LOVE those built-ins! After staring at this picture for hours I decided to see who designed this room (Elizabeth Gordon), and found so many more gorgeous spaces from the same Hollywood Hills home. 

Would you believe it that this is Joel McHale's (The Soup & Community) home? Of course it is, as if he wasn't dreamy enough already!  Apparently I have been living under a rock because it was featured in In Style Magazine, so maybe you would believe me ;).



  1. flippping gorgeous! Puffy Heart Love? bahahaha! You're too cute!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Don't even know where to begin. It's stunning. The baby's room and the office. I love it all.

  3. OH, I just love it!

  4. I love the wallpaper in the green dining room!

    But is it just me, or is that couch insanely close to the tv in the 2nd pic?

  5. Very cool! Don't you love it when you find a new designer and love their work?? Great find!

  6. I love Joel...and love those fancy ceilings! I think I need to work one into my home!

  7. Absolutely stuning spaces, I love that master bedroom with the stunning bed. Do you think those blinds are wooden?
    Rachie xo

  8. These rooms are stunning!! I can't handle it! I want a family room just like that!

  9. stunning!! i love the master bedroom!!


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