Happy 2011

 Happy New Years Eve Day everyone!  I am planning on spending New Years Day the exact same way I spent today... doing nothing.  The hubby has this entire week off, and you know what that means for mama I HAVE THE ENTIRE WEEK OFF!  Sorta anyway, so I will be watching football, eating way to much food and debating whether to take down the Christmas stuff or not.  

So, keeping with the theme rather than do anything real productive today I learned {relative word here} how to use Photoshop.  I know that I probably should have waited to do any changes until I know what my new header {here} from House09 is going to look like, but I couldn't stop myself.  Did ya check out my cool new background?  Doesn't it resemble my entry way wall?!  I also fine.al.ly created a button, so pretty please grab them up. 

To go with it I have a new signature at the bottom of my posts:


 At the bottom of House of Ficek is now this great quote:

and there you have it, that was mostly my day.  I ran out of time to look into creating sidebar tags and adding better font, but there is always tomorrow so stay tuned ;)

Happy New Year's to all of you great, inspiring and amazing women!



  1. SO PRETTY! I love it! =)

    and what a good idea.. I might have to work on a signature for my posts.. i've seen them all over blogland but i'm so darn picky when it comes to choosing a design!

    Hopefully mine will come out as great as yours!

    happy new year love!


  2. new follower! :) i've noticed we've been commenting a few of the same blogs... so i'd thought i'd check yours out, and i'm happy i did!!

    happy new year! xo


  3. Hi Kendra! I love the changes. You are very talented. Did you do the button and all of that yourself??? Great job. Happy New Year. Happy to have gotten to know you this year. Enjoy the football and food. We will be doing the same.

  4. I can't wait to see the new header! I already like all the other touches you've added. Photoshop and the other Adobe software are so fun!

    Yes, the background totally looks like your entry way!! Cool!!


  5. What a perfect day! And I can't wait to see what Thais does for your header!!!

    Happy new year sweets!

  6. I think that is a great way to spend the day. I have just found your blog so I don't really know what it looked like before but I really like how it looks now!


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