A Glass of Wine & A Walk Down Memory Lane

Like what seems to be everyone else in the world, I am taking some time to de-clutter the home now that all of the Christmas decorations are down.  I came across this wine box that my aunt and uncle gave to us a couple of years ago and it sent me back down memory lane.  I still am wracking my brain thinking of practical ways that I can use this gorgeous box.  Aren't those etched glasses just beautiful, not to mention that cobalt blue bottle? 

 This is the first Christmas that we didn't go "home" for Christmas, and while we had a blast staying here I am now feeling a little home sick {on a side note, when do you stop calling your childhood home "home"?}.  The wine is from The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey which is a winery at an old nunnery in the hometown of my aunt and uncle.  There is a small vineyard on the property as well as a winery.  Every year after Christmas the hubby and I would go visit them, pick up a bottle of wine and a couple more wine glasses, and drink the wine a few days later on our anniversary. 

Since I am going down memory lane, I thought you might like a break as well and look at some beautiful photographs taken there a couple of years back during a snow storm. 

Back to the de-cluttering and a little craft project I have going.  I hope your Monday is off to a great start!



  1. Good luck with the decluttering. I am doing the same... Or at least trying to!

  2. I need to be doing the same... but i'm on here! oh boo! Your blog is a welcome distraction though =)

    Have a great one! <3
    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Still calling mum and dads house "home" even though i have lived away since i was 18!
    Lovely blog - will keep reading :-)
    Rachie xo

  4. i need to do the same... and maybe a load of laundry.. haha. i've been sucked into blog land -- reading and commenting, it is a great distraction! :)

  5. Ah! What beautiful pictures! Hope your craft goes well. And definitely with you on the home sick thing (:

  6. gorgeous and so meaningful. The school I went to for college was run by holy cross. Great sentimental value for me. Cheers to a fantastic glass of wine as well.

  7. Love this post and your blog. = )

  8. I, too, am doing some much-needed decluttering!

    Just wanted to say that those photos are lovely. :)

  9. The bottle and glasses are stunning! As are the photos!


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