Inexpensive Exterior Makeover

So for the last few months I have been working on painting our exterior {yes I said months}.  You may remember that I started with the garage and decided to move to the back of the house since I can reach the whole area without needing scaffolding or a super tall ladder.  Well, then we went on vacation and I lost most of my motivation.  So last weekend I finished most of the back of the house, but then it got super cold and rainy this whole week.  I am hoping to finish up the weekend if the weather holds up for me.

 Here is a picture of the original color of our house. Most of the house is brick, but here at the back has a lot of siding and there is siding on the eaves.  It is a little hard to tell from the pictures, but that is mint green... Yuck!

 This is the color scheme that we are going for. The truth is that this gray/green color was in the garage, and the previous owners had used it on the shutters and front door.  They WAY over bought the paint and thus this is how we landed on this color ;). 

Sherwin Williams Happy Valley {couldn't find the actual sample, so this is close}
Glossy Black
Behr Swiss Coffee

We also have the original aluminum windows.   I would love to get new windows, but they are just not in the budget right now :(  So I am trying something out, I am painting over the aluminum {Yikes, I'm scared}.  The window frames already had some paint on them from the previous paint job, so I thought "it can't make them any worse", and then I thought "people paint wood windows".  I am trying it on this window, and we'll see how it holds up and then maybe do the rest of the windows.

So hopefully I can finish up the back of the house this weekend, wish me luck!!


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  1. O wow!!! What a beautiful color on the house! It really brings out the features!!


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