I Have a Thing for Wing Back Chairs

 I have been painting, painting, painting for the last couple of days {I blame it on my husband for being out of town}.  Our office/guest bedroom is the last room in the house to get painted, and I'm almost done with adding the horizontal stripes around the room.  

But instead of finishing up, I have been dreaming of wing back chairs.  I'll admit it, I have a thing for wing back chairs.   I have long been trying to find a pair on Craigslist that I can recover, but I am a little intimidated to take the leap!  I love how they are no longer exclusive to stuffy formal rooms.  They are popping up in every style of home from feminine to masculine, cottage to modern and country to urban.  With fun prints and dramatic shapes they are sure to make a statement.

This one might be my favorite, it really warms up this space and keeps it from looking too new!



  1. oohhh I have wing back chair love too! I actually have a wing back chair in my family room that is screaming for new fabric. I'm a little hesitant to re-upholster it with 3 kids, so I might opt to have it slipped. Nice to meet you and thanks for your visits : )

  2. Such beautiful rooms! I love them also. With the right fabric, they can either be casual or fancy!

  3. They sure are a classic piece of furniture! The nice thing about them is all you have to change over the years is the fabric.

  4. I also love wing-back chairs. I always envisioned a nice wing-back chair right by the fire place on a cool/chilly night, with a cup of hot cocoa... Only downside is... we don't have a fireplace. Boooo.


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