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 If you haven't heard of Etsy than you have been living under a rock ;)  What you may not know is that Etsy has this great way to search products locally through their Shop Local feature.  I can't tell you how many countless hours I have spent just "window shopping" Etsy.  Anyway, I digress, while doing the above stated pa rousing I found this great shop in the Dallas area.  r o u g e & c o. modern home accessories makes custom melamine plates and accessories.  You pick the product, the pattern, the color and then they customize it for you.  I just love how modern the patterns are.

 {photos via r o u g e & co}

Growing up we had a "You are Special Today" plate that would be brought out on special occasions such as our birthdays, for school achievements or anything that was extraordinary.   Being the middle child I would sometimes feel lost in the pack, but it was so fun to get recognized apart from my siblings.  I have always wanted to do this in my family, and these plates would be perfect for that {although I have a few more years before I think I will be in need of it}

Here is a picture of The Original Red Plate just for nostalgia sake.



  1. Wow! Love those. I love personalized things and haven't seen them looking so current. THANK YOU

  2. Already wondering who I can order some for for Christmas!! Thanks for sharing- her prices are pretty affordable too- always a bonus:)

  3. There are so many options the only question that remains is what pattern to get ;)

  4. Hey! We always had the "You Are Special Today" plate too! :) Love these platters and plates, thanks for sharing.


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