Gorgeous Family Rooms

It's FALL {I know I have already mentioned this a time or two} and this means in the upcoming months we will be spending lots more time indoors.  I absolutely love the thought of sitting in my warm house next to the fire with a hot cup of joe watching the brisk morning air outside.  What better way to do this than in one of these charming rooms?


The ottoman in this room is amazing and look at that bamboo mirror!  This living room has such sophistication and yet still feels like you could kick up your feet.  Not to mention that my "mommy mind" {not sure that is a real term, but it feels real to me} goes straight to how safe that ottoman would be around the baby.  It's got me thinking how I can accomplish this.


Coastal Living

I love each and every  one of these rooms for different reasons.  Don't they just make you want to stay there forever?   


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  1. Oh I especially love the last one as we have a sectional and I am trying to bring more life to it. {and i hear you on the safety factor of the ottoman . . my mind works the same way!}


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