Winter Decor

From the sounds of it most people around blog land have been rejuvenated by the New Year.  I took down all of the Christmas decor and generally de-cluttered, but I think I am in a little post Christmas funk.  After everything has been put away I feel like my home is empty, and I haven't found any type of motivation to get crackin' on remedying that.  That was until Courtney over at A Thoughtful Place re-posted about a little DIY project she had done about two months ago.  I read her blog daily and don't know how I missed that post as I have been eying that cable knit bowl and vase she has for months!  I won't re-post the tutorial as I followed her exact cable knit vase tutorial here.

So now that I had some fun new pieces to work with I decided that I would start in my entryway.  As those of you who have been following for awhile know it got a little spruce up with a stencil wall, but I still hadn't figured out what I wanted to display in the cabinets cubbyholes.   I fell in love with the Arthur Court dog treat bowl while remodeling one of my clients kitchens a few years back.   

See it there on the counter next to the cake dish?
I had this on our kitchen counter for awhile as well, but it was just getting in the way.  I moved it into one of the cubbyholes, and added toy baskets to the bottom shelves where little sticky hands like to grab.  Below are what look to be like the same photo, but look closely they're different.  We had tried installing undercabinet lights in this cabinet years ago when we lived in our first apartment.  We about blew up the place trying to attach the plug to the wires and gave up.  While at The Dollar Store I picked up a few battery operated lights, and while they give off a slightly blue tint I didn't blow the house up!
No Lights



Cable knit vase check, dog treat bowl check, under cabinet lights check.  One room down, fifty billion left to go {who am I kidding, I live in a ranch}!  I do need a little of your help, see that bowl with brown ball looking things in it?  Little man and I picked those up before Christmas to make a cute wreath, but then I got to laying around busy and didn't get to it.  Now I don't know what to do with them, any ideas I'm stumped.

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  1. Put them in a bag and save them till next year!

    I still love that stencilled wall!

  2. Love the cable knit vases. Looks perfect in your entry. And the dog treat canister is adorable.


  3. it looks so warm and cozy now =)

    So you inspired me! I got a glove/scarf set without paying attention.. it was 6 bucks for gloves AND a scarf so I pretty much ran to the checkout line. I got home to realize there was only ONE GLOVE and it somehow fell off in the store? long story short - They are all out of the scarves and I am stuck with one lone red glove...

    so i'm going to make it a candle holder... or coffee mug warmer.. or something -- but thanks for the inspiration!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Oh that little vase sweater is adorable!

    As far as what to do with the brown balls… A few things that I like to do myself with things that we collect from outside, is to put them in a tall hurricane glass… or some sort of glass [clear] vase. Something deep. Then maybe add in some nice twigs and branches from outside? Maybe a few pine cones… And if you can find any small twigs with pine needles, I think that would work well with the brown balls. I know for me, whenever I look at Pine needles or Pine tree’s I think of ‘Winter’, but if you want to scrap any idea of adding more outside ‘accessories’, you could still use the same deep hurricane glass or vase. Put a large round white candle [or maybe even a bright yellow!?... don’t mind me. I have had this obsession with yellow lately] in the middle of the vase and then put the pokey balls around the candle and Viola!

  5. Ah the cable knit vase is so cute! I love it!
    Re: the brown balls - what about putting them in a tall base (as above!) and then grab some sticks outside and spray paint them either a funky colour or white depending on your decor and use as a centre piece? You could even use a little glitter!
    Rachie xo

  6. Hmm...maybe a wreath of some sort??? Got me :o)

  7. i agree... try them in a vase! bet they would look great!

  8. love your stenciled wall! and your cableknit vase it too cute! perfect for winter!

    - Lauren

  9. I need to cut up some sweaters, asap! ; )

  10. I loved Courtney's sweater vase tutorial! And yours is adorable! The lights definitely make an improvement. Can't wait to see your 5 billion more projects up your sleeve this year (; xoxo

  11. The sweater vases are adorable. I may need to make some of those...
    I saw your tutorial for your little play kitchen over on A Little Lovely and I have to tell you it is the MOST ADORABLE play kitchen I have ever seen! I've been looking for nightstands to make one, since I'd found a tutorial for that, but I love the TV stand one that you made... now if only I could find one for $15!!!! (I can't believe that, by the way.)

  12. Love the sweater vases!! I like the little brown ball things in the bowl where they are, but I like another commenter's suggestion about making a wreath.

  13. Great winter decor! Glad you did not blow up the house!!

  14. I love the decor. My favorites are the sweaters!!



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