What Gives a Home Character?

 char-ac-ter {kar-ik-ter}
n: an account of the qualities or peculiarities of a person or thing.
I have a love for character homes, or older homes.  They hold so much history and tend to have unique details that you just don't generally find in today's homes.  I suppose character is in the eye of the beholder, but to me when I think of what gives a home character I immediately think of the following

Great large moldings, anywhere, and with lots or minimal detailing.  I dream of moldings, of 5" baseboards and 6" crowns.  These are things that my home, although older, doesn't have and I plan to do this...some day.  I seriously drool over homes with great moldings!

I love the detail in every nook and cranny of this space.  Look at all of that trim work on the walls!  

This room makes me speechless. 

Architectural details 
check out that amazing display of plates!

... or built-in bookcases and a window seat

History or a illusion of history...



  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the plate display wall. I'll have to wait until my little one's are a bit bigger but it's gorgeous. I love the built in's too. Swoon.

  2. Amen to this whole post, girl! Moldings and bookcases are wonderful! I also love mixing old and new things to give a home character! Happy Monday, Kendra (:

  3. Honestly if our home did not have crown molding, it wouldn't be as 'fun'. As silly as this sounds, whenever I am 'pampering' myself in the Jacuzzi tub I will just stare at all the molding.

    -However the photos you posted are gorgeous. Their so inspirational it makes my stomach hurt!

  4. Gorgeous photos...I'm trying to infuse character into my standard builder home as well!

  5. When we were looking at homes, I noticed that the "trim" was one of the things that really set apart the gorgeous homes from the nice ones! It makes such a difference- beautiful photos:)

  6. What an amazing post Kendra! I love unusual things about a home but usually pick a blank slate!



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