Christmas {Home Sweet Home}

Okay I promise this will be the last Christmas post for awhile.  I was pretty much finished decorating last weekend, but then kept moving things around as I found I didn't like this here or that there, etc.  Everything I used I already had from Christmas' past, so it was just a matter of staging it to my liking {my husband could really care less so long as it's done, which is why I married him *wink*}.

A little story about this gem.  The Mr. and I got married a few day after Christmas and this was a wedding present from one of my parents... eccentric friends.  I was really stumped about it at first, and I don't think I even liked it, but it has grown on me over the last eight years.  It makes me smile when I see it, and of all of the gifts we received I can actually remember who got it for us.

I'm not too fond of the painted detail on this nativity, and I've thought about spray painting it white or gold.  What do you think?  I am a little afraid, because you can't take it back.

Opps!  Maybe I should have ironed those stockings first.

Simple mantle, but I like the way it looks.  I have struggled with my mantle for quite some time, even during the rest of the year, simply because it is sooo long and off centered.

Here is a very rare snow storm we got last Christmas.  I am dreaming of a white Christmas again this year!

So there you have it!  That is most of our home sweet home this Christmas season :) 



  1. I love what you did with the mantle and your tree looks beautiful!

  2. Kendra, it all looks so good. Your tree is beautiful. Such a fun time of year. I say keep the nativity the way it is . . .maybe you can be on the search for a different one . . but you are right about not changing it back. Love the red wreaths on the door. Have a great day.

  3. Great job festive! Where do you live that you got the rare snow storm...I'm think we might live close as we got the same fluke snow on Christmas Eve and Day last year!

  4. How fun a white Christmas would be! And all your decor is great! Loving the stockings and the manger scene (:

  5. You best not be spraying the nativity gold. :)

    Thanks for making our house all festive and awesome!

  6. Oh all your decorations are so cute! I love everything, especially the nativity scene!


  7. So very pretty! We just finished and now my house is a complete mess :)

  8. Gorgeous! I would have trouble with that mantle, too, but I think it looks great. I envy your snow - we haven't had any yet this year!

  9. I love the story about the wedding gift..and I like the gift too! Your home looks beautiful and I think you did a fabulous job on your mantel.

  10. Everything looks so pretty - love it! The mantel looks great. And that snow picture is beautiful - I would love that! :)


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