Anthropology Style Knobs

I have been obsessed with the cabinet knobs from Hobby Lobby.  They have a great Anthropology look, and have a great Hobby Lobby price tag {especially if you wait for their 50% off sale}.  I re-did a dresser last year using some of these knobs, and I am planning on putting some on the closet doors {here}.

Remember that huge project Christmas gift {here} I was inspired to begin working on about a week and a half ago?  Well I am using each and every one of these cute knobs on it :)  I just couldn't help myself!

 ...and I have to give a BIG shout out to Centsational Girl for her photography tips she posted on this week {here}.  Are these photos not a serious improvement?!  I was instantly inspired to go around my home and re-shoot photos of my home.



  1. Those alphabet knobs are great. Pretty exciting to learn tips on using that camera, huh!

    Have a great rest of the holiday week!

  2. Love those knobs. Sueper cute! And I too am looooving Kate's photo tips- I need help when it comes to photogging! Your pics are looking great, though : )

  3. Kendra- Your pictures are fabulous! What camera do you have? I loved Kate's post, too! I have a Canon but I still used some of her tips. I've really loved playing around with the aperture and other settings! PS. Those knobs are great. I LOVE finding fun knobs.

  4. PS Again! Just added you to Blog's I Love on my side bar. I totally thought you were there already! SO sorry! I read yours everyday! (:

  5. Love the letter knobs!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!



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