Owls in Home Decor

Lately I have been enthralled with owls in design.  This has taken me by complete surprise, as I have always found them a little bit creepy & old lady.  However, grandma chic is in, and they can't be too scary if they eat Tootsie Pops right?!  

You may have read my post on the TV show Modern Family.  Since I am so in love with this shows set designs... they may have swayed me over to the dark side with that adorable cookie jar in the Dunphy kitchen.  Can you see it there on the island?

I don't even have an umbrella like these, but this stand makes me want to go out a get a few of them! 

These last couple of owls started out as the "creepy" kind, but Tammy on Twos took a few coats of glossy white spray paint to them.  Aren't they so chic now?  I will be near Goodwill today, maybe I should stop in for a peak and see if they have some that I could transform.



  1. Good luck at GW!! The images are all so pretty!

  2. i am loving using animals in interiors, great images!

  3. I love owls! Especially right now, for fall. I found a cute little guy at TJ Maxx Home Goods for about $6 a few weeks ago, so check there :)

  4. Have fun hunting for your owls, so cute!

  5. oh man, see now I'll have to add HomeGoods to my to do list for the day. I can't believe it was only $6!!

  6. I have been seeing Owls eveywhere. I have even bought a few items for our home myself that are owls. Their just to cute!


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