Function in a Kitchen

Many people think that if your kitchens layout isn't functioning properly that you need to replace the cabinets (COSTLY), this just isn't the case. If the existing cabinets are in good shape and are prime for retro fitting then getting a little bit of the creative juices flowing you can manipulate an outdated kitchen for the modern family.


YIKES! That dishwasher doesn't even open without throwing your body weight against the oven door (example of how NOT to retro fit existing cabinets).


The dishwasher stayed in its original location, but the oven got moved to the cooking station closer to the cooktop. A cabinet maker constructed a panel to fit a gap below the new microwave to hide the opening from the old oven.


AfterNow the oven and cooktop are next to each other. Also, the cooktop is an induction cooktop that stays cool to the touch, perfect for on an island where children will be sitting across from it. Note the posts and skirt that frame in the oven as a more elegant way to dress up the empty space from the original cabinet.


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