Dining Room in Transition

As with many homeowners your home is always a work in progress. Mine is nothing different, in fact I wonder if I would ever feel finished even if I were to have a million dollars and do everything I wanted to at once. I feel like such an adult, I can now have more people around my dining table without bringing in the camping chairs or patio furniture. Below is a photo taken a couple days after we moved in. Shockingly this was not the worst room in the house, you should have seen the bathrooms! Our home had been a rental for a few years and so most of the fixtures hadn't been update and mini-blinds, YUCK, adorned every window in the house.


Below is a picture from last winter when I finally upgraded the dining table to a longer one that I could fit six, gasp, people around at dinner. Only problem was that I only had four dining chairs. And so the problem loomed until last week when I finally got two more dining chairs. I have been sick all weekend otherwise I would have had a dinner party just to break in the new chairs. The only thing that has stayed untouched in the original room is the four chairs (and those will eventually get touched). The biggest party for me came when the mini-blinds came down and the natural woven shades went up. The walls getting painted were a close second, and I mean a CLOSE second.


Okay, so for a game of I spy can you tell the changes other than the two gorgeous, wonderful, couldn't be better chairs from the transitioning photo and the after photo?


Okay, I give you a hint. I painted the store bought cabinet black and painted to back panel of it blue/gray to coordinate with the drapes (they have a woven thread of blue, gray and green in circles throughout). I also took the glass off of the light fixture and replaced it with a drum shade. I think this really softens the look and gives off more light. Like I said before, it is always a work in progress. However, this work in progress is much improved if I do say so ;)


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