Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

While grocery shopping earlier in the week we took into account that we would most definitely be eating leftover turkey the entire weekend.  I have this great EASY chicken pot pie recipe and I just substituted the turkey for the chicken.  I realized the pictures didn't come out great, but trust me this recipe was sooo good {and very, very easy}.

I always use less of the spices as I find that the stuffing tends to have quite a bit of seasoning already {except for the cayenne pepper, what can I say we like it hot}.  I have also discovered that the generic brand pie crust and stuffing is MUCH better for this recipe. 

Basically just dump everything in a bowl and mix.  For the substitution from chicken to turkey, I used about 2 cups of turkey.  Then throw it in the pie crust.

and like I said, the pictures didn't come out looking that great but it is really tasty {and it gets rid of your leftovers}!



  1. I am super excited to see this. We had a plate of leftovers yesterday for lunch and now I am ready to do something different with what it left! I like it. Thanks, girl

  2. Oh what a great idea and it looks delish!!!


  3. This looks divine. I love pot pie. I found you through Remodelaholic! I plan on making this tonight.

  4. Great idea! Why didn't I ever think of that?!

    Btw, is that your front door on your logo? Love the color! What's it called?

  5. This is a wonderful idea for leftovers! It does get old just heating up your leftover turkey and mash...I bet it was yummy!

  6. That looks really good! I actually was planning on a pot pie this week too...never occured to me to use my leftovers?!?!


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