Christmas Photo Books & Cards

I feel like I had a very productive weekend, and that I was minimally active.  Can you be both?  I didn't even touch the office :( but I finished addressing my Christmas cards and signed all of them.

Again, my little helper

I also decided that I would save the money from doing one of the photo sites card layouts and do my own {more of that later}.  Most of Saturday I converted all of my 2010 photos over to Shutterfly's photo book as they are having a $10 credit on $50+ orders and free shipping on $30+ orders.  By taking the extra time I am saving $43!

For the Christmas photo cards I took the photo that I was going to use and edited it in Photoshop.  There are many sites that offer digital scrapbook paper.  I went for the freebie paper and added it as a banner on the bottom of my picture.  Then I added text and a green banner from Photoshop to tie in with the actual Christmas cards I am sending out.  I uploaded this image as a 4x6 to Picnik.  Instead of using one of their standard photo cards I just selected prints in a matte finish.  I was even able to add our name as a watermark on the back of the print.  Where I spent $75 on photo cards last year, I am spending only $7.50.  I'm a little upset that I didn't do this last year!



  1. What a beautiful family photo. Loving the pattern at the bottom of the card. Adorable family, Kendra!

  2. Making your own cards is so much fun! :)

    Love your card, beautiful family :)

  3. You already have your Christmas cards done!!! Ah I need to kick my butt in gear! I love how your cards turned out you guys are so cute!



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