Spec Turned Spectacular

We've all seen them, the spec home that looks the same as every other house on the block.  You enter the front doors to see one of three options for tile and one of three options for carpet. Just to enter the bathroom to see one of the three choices for cabinet colors and doors with builder grade tub and large mirror glued above the sink. (By the way I would love to have a spec home bathroom right now instead of my dated '80s one with shell pedestal sink).  Check out this spec home bathroom that I got the privilege of gutting.   

I just L O V E when I get a client who has the budget to run with (don't get me wrong there is something fun with the thrifty finds game too), but I rarely get to have a vision and not have to modify it due to budget.  Everything is this bathroom was gutted.  There is no sight of a spec home bathroom here!  Architectural character was added by removing the linen closet and partition walls for arches on both sides of the room.


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